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The adoption of distilled spirits is being significantly driven by the rising purchasing power of consumers and increasing demand for beverages with natural flavors. The spirits sector is led by millennials and the young-age population who demand innovative and higher-end products. Therefore, companies are adding natural flavors to improve the quality of the flavor of alcoholic drinks.

Our client, an wholesale distributor of distilled spirits, was approved of a Revolving Trade Facility for £1,500,000.



Good communication is an important skill in any environment with human interactions. However, when it comes to communication in the workplace, good communication is an integral element to business success.


Our client, a communication skills training service provider for business, was approved for a Revolving Trade Facility of £160,000.



The commercial aerospace sector has experienced a decline in deliveries in 2019 due to production-related issues in certain aircraft models. However, the commercial aerospace sector growth is likely to recuperate from 2020 onward as the long-term demand for commercial aircraft continues to remain robust, with nearly 40,000 units expected to be produced over the next two decades.


Our client, an aerospace metals supplier, was approved for a Revolving Trade Facility of £500,000.



First built in the 18th century, conservatories were mostly used to grow plants and fruit trees. Over time, architects began designing more elaborate conservatories as glass became more affordable and the concept of a conservatory began to evolve. One of the most famous examples from that time is the Crystal Palace.


Our client in Scotland, providing conservatory designing and manufacturing services, was approved for a Revolving Trade Facility of £125,000.



The automotive industry has enabled lifestyles and efficiency. New requirements for urban and individual mobility have increased consumer demands. Car innovations continue to introduce new technology to improve the consumer experience.


Our client, providing used cars and part exchange, was approved for a Revolving Trade Facility of £250,000. 



Every modern man would like a bespoke suit that fits closely to his personal style. While custom tailoring seems to be falling apart at the seams, made-to-wear is growing at an explosive rate as consumers increasingly expect both convenience and acceleration from their experiences. 

Our client, a suit manufacturer and distributor, was approved for a Revolving Trade Facility of £1,000,000. 



The appearance of a kitchen says a lot about the homeowners. Urbanization is a huge driver in the market's growth and contemporary lifestyles have created a new demand for household consumption.

Our client, providing kitchen and homeware, was approved for a Revolving Trade Facility of £3,000,000. 



Footwear has never been so fashion forward. The industry of luxury footwear was ignited when young millennials and Gen Z's began wearing luxury shoes and sneakers as a symbol of status. 

Our client, providing luxury footwear and accessories, was approved for a Revolving Trade Facility of £300,000. 



A cold cup of coffee just doesn’t compete with a piping hot pour straight from the pot, and that glass of iced tea isn’t the same once the cubes have melted. Thankfully, there are plenty of vacuum flasks to keep your beverage at the desired temperature for hours at a time.


Our client, an insulated flask manufacturer, was approved of a Revolving Trade Facility for £100,000.



Civil engineering is arguably the oldest engineering discipline. It deals with the built environment and can be dated to the first time someone placed a roof over his or her head or laid a tree trunk across a river to make it easier to get across.


Our client, a civil engineering contractor, was approved for a Revolving Trade Facility of £200,000.



The UK's renewable energy sector is flourishing and much of the gains are being driven by a single technology, solar panels. The region’s solar energy growth compared to previous years is significant, as more investors are turning to this sector with the vision that in the near future it will be the most dependent.


Our client, supplying solar energy products, was approved for a Revolving Trade Facility of £500,000.



Skincare has surged in popularity in the beauty industry. Consumers are increasingly taking a skin first approach to beauty. The industry is becoming crowded with new products and boutique brands offering new serums and face masks. Competition is increasing as the industry faces saturation. 

Our client, providing skincare and beauty products, was approved for a Revolving Trade Facility of £400,000. 



In recent years, we have seen a widespread adoption of LED lighting and it's not just consumers! While LED lights have become the lighting commodity of choice, many company's are including smart initiatives into their business model to reduce carbon footprints as demands for sustainable solutions and lower energy prices increase. 

Our client, providing LED lighting, was approved for a Revolving Trade Facility of £250,000. 



Electrical expertise is vital in key markets for both public and private organisations across various sectors to achieve lasting value and positive experiences. Buildings must be up to par and ensure outcomes that are pragmatic, sustainable and cost-effective.


Our client, providing electrical and mechanical services, was approved for a Revolving Trade Facility of £450,000. 



It is estimated that 12 million UK homes, or 44% of UK households, have pets. The pet industry has been experiencing explosive growth as the love between a pet and its owner knows no bounds.

Our client, suppling pet products, was approved for a Revolving Trade Facility of £200,000. 



Experts believe continued gains in export markets in 2020 will enable further growth for the meat and poultry industry, despite the turbulence and turmoil around it.


Our client, a meat distributor, was approved of a Revolving Trade Facility for £250,000.



The capture and sharing of images is a dynamic market that has transformed over the past decade. As it continues to change, technology innovation and social media have driven the "democratisation" of content creation and consumption and sustained demand for new products.


Our client, a manufacturer and distributor of premium photography equipment, was approved of a Revolving Trade Facility for £500,000.



From meat substitutes that go beyond the burger to the elevation of alternative dairy products, disruption is front and centre for the food industry. Shifting consumer demand and digital technologies that are innovating beyond ingredients are some of the trends that have brands racing to catch up and compete in the rapidly evolving sector.


Our client, providing wholesale food product services, was approved for a Revolving Trade Facility of £300,000.



Fashion accessories have created a staple for all great ensembles. While the industry is expanding and welcoming newcomer entrants, consumers are spoiled with countless options to choose from that suits their style and price point. 

Our client, providing fashion accessories, was approved for a Revolving Trade Facility of £275,000. 



The marketing landscape today is constantly shifting. Each year, trends come and go. One thing is for sure, many companies navigating through their industry during the digital era seek outside expertise to fuel and inform marketing initiatives. 

Our client, providing independent marketing services, was approved for a Revolving Trade Facility of £500,000. 



Cryogenics finds a variety of applications in a lot of fields. The industry continues to expand as infrastructure development and technology evolve at an accelerated pace. Research is fueling new innovations to contribute to and boost economies.

Our client, providing specialised cryogenic products, was approved for a Revolving Trade Facility of £1,000,000. 



The upturn of commercial construction has created some breathing room in the bricklaying and scaffolding industry for businesses to enter. New technology has disrupted the industry providing contractors with several advantages.

Our client, providing bricklaying and scaffolding services, was approved for a Revolving Trade Facility of £1,250,000. 

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