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Traderiver Case study

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Manufacturing Sector


Food Manufacturing

Company Size

70 Employees


Orkney Islands

The facility application

Orkney Fisherman's Society sells a seasonal product and like many companies affected by elements of seasonality in their business, Orkney experiences peaks and troughs in cash flow. Orkney needed the capital to help shoulder expenses during the off seasons.


In addition, weather, nature, and the volatile political landscape are all major variables that impact Orkney's product supply and demand. Orkney needed to secure an all year product without an all year round supply.

OFS plays a very important role in the local economy and is one of the biggest suppliers of crab meat in the UK. Looking to bridge cash flow gaps with a flexible use of funds to pay suppliers on time, OFS sought an unsecure revolving credit facility to serve the local economy and improve supplier relationships.

How Traderiver helped

TradeRiver enabled Orkney Fisherman's Society to negotiate with new suppliers as well as existing suppliers and be able to pay on the payment terms. Regardless of product seasonality, the facility provided Orkney FIsherman's Society with a safety net to alleviate any potential cashflow bottlenecks to create stability for fisherman, to enhance their local economy, and to serve their suppliers by providing them with reliable funding when and where they need it. 

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