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How Supply Chain Finance Helps the Agriculture Supply Chain

The agriculture supply chain is riddled with complexities. Whether it be labor costs, transportation costs, new technology, pressure to innovate, or advanced sustainability initiatives, the supply chain has seen no rest, but rather a constant state of change. Supply chains are often associated with complexities; however the agricultural supply chain is much more complicated than most due to its fragmented inbound and outbound networks. A typical industry supply chain is made up of a number of stakeholders including farmers, processors, suppliers, distributors, etc. all holding decision making power. When it comes to supply chain management, the rule of thumb is that the more parties involved or the more heads there are, the more fragmented the supply chain, and therefore, the more vulnerable the supply chain it to risk. The agriculture supply chain is full of uncertainty related to operational variables like unpredictable crop yields or external factors like supply and demand fluctuations, inputs, weather conditions, soil temperament, pests, etc. These variables are very hard and near impossible to control let alone predict, which makes it difficult to remain on target with output goals. A supply chain that is notorious for slower cash conversion cycles and lack of traceability or visibility can benefit tremendously for a revolving cash facility to improve it's working capital position and further invest in research and development to compete in the complex landscape. Or simply to bridge gaps in cash flow and keep the peace. Supply chain finance converts supply chain challenges into opportunities by freeing up cash that is stuck inside of the supply chain and providing flexibility to operate with full confidence despite pressures to innovate or external disruptions. Discover how you can unlock working capital and accelerate the cash conversion cycle within your supply chain to fund the payments you want with a truly cross-border solution. Contact us at to get started today!

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